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Sex Over Safety: Married Woman Dies in Well in Sex Escapade with Ex-Lover

By March 11, 2022No Comments
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It’s a funny, yet chilling story. A married woman from Douala has died in an abandoned well in Babadjou in the West region of Cameroon.

She was on her way to Balepo for the burial of her brother when she ran into her ex at the locality of Babadjou.

The flame that usually lit the two came alive and finding no hotel, brothel, or Inn around, they sneaked behind a house to catch a quickie.

The 43-year-old mother of three quickly untied her wrapper and spread it on some planks –the semblance of a bed.

Then the two dived into action. Unfortunately, the old planks were placed over an abandoned well.

The speed and intensity of the moment forced the planks to give way, and the two lovers crashed into the well.

The woman died instantly. The man survived but lost the use of his legs-they were all broken.

“When I heard the crash, I ran out of the house with a torch,” said Pierre Kamdem, the owner of the well.

“I heard someone crying for help in the well. Then I alerted my neighbors. We managed to pull the two out, but the woman was already dead,” he explained.

He said they immediately rushed both the corpse and the man with broken legs to the hospital.

“I am not sure he shall ever walk again. Both legs were broken,” Kamdem said.

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