Zimbabwe President Condemns Resurgent Neo-colonialism in Africa Day Speech

Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said meddlesome neo-colonialism "is rearing its ugly head" in Africa. In a televised address on Africa Day under the theme: "Silencing the guns," Mr. Mnangagwa said some western countries were "unashamedly" meddling in the internal affairs of countries on the continent.


"Zimbabwe is no stranger to this unwarranted interference," he said, adding that his country continues to endure illegal sanctions, and punitive measures as punishment for reclaiming their land from British colonists.


Describing the land action as a key act of the decolonization process, Mr. Mnangagwa said they were buoyed by being reunited with their land.


"It is now irreversibly reposed into our hands," he said describing Africans as their own liberators.


"We fought and sacrificed lives to achieve democracy which we enjoy today. Let us never shy away from expressing our rich cultural heritage, language and unique identities," he said.


The President also spoke out strongly against terrorism: "Let me reiterate, our unequivocal rejection of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and our strong condemnation of terrorism and its acts which will never be justified".


Mozambique is currently under siege from a band of terrorist insurgents. Recently, an extraordinary South Africa Development Community (SADC) organ Troika Summit met to address this matter which has caused grave suffering to thousands.


"Despite strides made to date, our continent is still beset by multiple challenges with guns still to be silenced in parts of Africa, in addition, new existential challenges threaten the peace, security and stability…the cruel dispensation of occupation and exploitation of a people by another organized as foreign occupying powers under whatever guise must be permanently expunged from our continent," Mr. Mnangagwa reiterated.

He also said Southern Africa continued to make rapid strides towards regional integration under the auspices of SADC.


On the Covid-19 pandemic, Mr. Mnangagwa said it was a new and invisible threat to Africa and the world: "Africa still has comparatively low levels of infection but this virus is a grave existential threat and an attack on every facet of our lives and economies as a continent".


In reaction to the address, the leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change -Alliance (MDC-T) Nelson Chamisa said some African leaders were silencing the citizens.


"It’s time to change and build a new united Africa with one residence, one economy and currency built upon the four pillars of leadership, entrepreneurship, partnership and transformation,” Mr. Chemisa challenged.


Political analyst Pedzisai Ruhanya said it is a long way to silence guns in Africa as envisaged by the African Union, especially the guns of corruption.


"The founding fathers' dream should be celebrated but the fight against neocolonialism and domestic imperialism in African states needs new stratagems," he opined.


25th May 2020
By Benjamin

Another Mugabe in the making. True African Nationalists. The worst part is the coming of China to have its own share of the dark continent