Yodo Cameroon Launches Tree-Planting to Save Water Sources in Donga/Mantung

Youth Development Organization-Yodo Cameroon, a nongovernmental organization in Nkambe in the once independent state of Southern Cameroons has embarked on the protection of water sources as part of its activities to mark this year’s World Environment Day.


On June 5 Yodo Cameroon kickstarted an initiative to save water catchments in some communities in the Nkambe plateau. The exercise took place in Bih village, at a water source that serves the primary school, the health center and part of the community. 


Before proceeding to the planting of the trees, Yodo Cameroon Coordinator, Fai Cassian Ndi told class six pupils of Government School Bih who participated in the tree planting exercise that in a way, nature was sending strong signals with the Covid-19 pandemic. He cautioned that it was time for everyone to start taking care of nature by adopting actions that will protect the planet. 


Harping on the significance of World Environment Day, he told the pupils that planting a tree nowadays is the most precious gift one can give to humanity. The water we need every time to wash our hands to stop the spread of Covid-19, the air we breathe, the food we eat and the climate that makes our planet habitable all come from nature. Humanity, he reiterated depends on nature and abusing it is synonymous to “digging a grave for ourselves and our unborn children”.


Yodo Cameroon Coordinator expressed gratitude to CAMITEX, an electricity poles treatment company owned by former MP of the Constituency, Hon. Awudu Mbaya supporting the initiative as well as Tamfu Jude Tamfu, a philanthropist in Nkambe who also supported the tree planting exercise.


Fai Cassian told Timescape that he chose school pupils to take part in the exercise because that was the best way to get into the communities, through the schools given that children usually do not forget what they learn in school. 


The Head Teacher of G.S Bih, Tanko Libboh expressed gratitude to the Yodo Cameroon team for choosing his school at the heart of the Covid-19 scourge, the greatest public health crisis of the generation, that has increased the daily need for water in community and schools. He pledged to take proper care of the trees because that water catchment area is the only source of potable water for the school and the nearby health center.


“We have one of the best water sources in this community but unfortunately, due to human activities, the trees that were there were all cut off. At one point during the dry season we were afraid that the spring could dry off, though it has reduced in size”, Mr. Tanko said.


The President of the Parent Teachers Association (PTA), Kunde Samuel Ngobip said his group will make sure the trees are protected from rodents and bushfire. 


Yodo Cameroon runs a tree nursery in Nkambe where youths have been turning plastic waste into attractive eco products like assorted grafted plants, forestry trees and agroforestry plants.