Volkswagen Begins Assembling Vehicles in Ghana

German car manufacturer, Volkswagen (VW) has started assembling cars in Ghana. Christoph Retzlaff, German Ambassador to Ghana, giving update on the project through his Twitter handle, announced the take-off of the project during the week.

“We had to postpone the official launch scheduled for March 18. But Volkswagen assembling in Ghana has started”, Ambassador Retzlaff said.

Volkswagen signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Ghanaian government in 2018 to establish an assembly plant in the country to serve the West African sub-region. The official launch of the initiative which was to have taken place on May 18 has been postponed particularly due to the ban on social gatherings, because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The plant is expected to produce about 5,000 units of cars per year and may increase production, based on the market demand.

“We chose Ghana a year ago after we had a discussion with the government of Ghana and we believe that the country is an ideal spot to start with”, Thomas Schaefer, Managing Director of Volkswagen Africa told an Accra-based  

Volkswagen currently has plants in other African countries like Kenya and Rwanda.