Venezuela’s United Socialist Party VP Says December 6 Poll is Referendum against US Interference

The Vice President for International Affairs of the United Socialist of Venezuela (PSUV) party, Adán Chávez Frías has charged the people of the Southern America country to see the upcoming election of representatives into the National Assembly as a national duty to show the world how they are united to protect the integrity of their country.

The December 6, 2020 poll has been cast as one that would see a sharp rise in nationality among the citizens who, the PSUV says, must cast their vote against foreign interference in the internal affairs of their country.

In a message to the Bolivarian people. a copy of which was made available to Timescape magazine by the Embassy of Venezuela in Abuja, Nigeria, Chávez Frías said the election is “A contest to which we, Bolivarians united, with the confidence that gives us the fact of having defeated in the political and military field those who want to turn the Homeland of Bolívar and Chávez into a colony of the United States, and appropriate our natural resources”.

According to him, the December poll is the “25th elections since Commander Hugo Chávez began the process of broad transformations in 1999 that has allowed us to achieve the liberation of our Homeland; an event in which we are sure the revolutionary forces will win back the National Assembly, putting it again at the service of the Venezuelan People, after years of frustrated coup adventure by those who, with all certainty, no longer represent anyone”.

“Threats from the supremacist government of Donald Trump in the United States of America (USA) have not been long in coming, with a new plan being announced aimed at boycotting the electoral process for the coming month of December; At the same time, it has renewed its threat to intervene militarily in Venezuela.

“This plan has been assumed by the neo-fascist and anti-patriot faction, which, following the orders of US imperialism has announced that it will not participate in the Parliamentary Elections, as it did in 2005, a mistake that representatives of the opposition subsequently have recognized.

“It is incredible as political parties and leaders, who frequently participate in electoral processes, and therefore obtain victories and defeats, as is natural in a democracy; they only recognize elections when the results are favourable to them. That is the fascist opposition we have in Venezuela.

“Fortunately, the vast majority of Venezuelans, including those who democratically oppose the Bolivarian Revolution; we all are determined and resolved to participate in the elections for the coming month of December, which are key to peace and political stability in the country.

“This is the product of a broad process of dialogue and national reconciliation promoted by Comrade President Nicolás Maduro Moros, who has reiterated the call to sectors of the Venezuelan opposition to find peaceful and democratic ways that allow them to resolve political differences; a process for which, supported by the power conferred by Article 236 of the Bolivarian Constitution, the Venezuelan Head of State has granted a measure of presidential pardon to 110 citizens, some of them repeat offenders in the commission of various crimes against the order and stability of the Republic, including the assassination attempt against the President himself, crimes of conspiracy against the security of the Nation and public peace, appropriation of public property, political violence and hate crimes, among others.

“In any case, the democratic opposition parties are participating in an electoral process that has all the guarantees provided by the Venezuelan Electoral System, one of the most reliable in the world; under the direction of a renewed National Electoral Council (CNE) and with the expansion of proportional representation; a political fact of the utmost importance. So, the great ones defeated in the next elections will be those who wanted to turn the National Assembly into an instrument of the predatory plan of the neo-fascist government of Donald Trump.

“For our part, the patriotic forces go to these elections united, with the same strength with which we face the great challenges that lie ahead, with the teaching that Commander Hugo Chávez left us to always remain together with the People: a Civic-military union to continue building our Bolivarian Socialism.

“The challenge is enormous, but Bolivarian women and men feel inspired by the epic of our independence struggle led by Simón Bolívar, builder of Republics and a paradigm of freedom, and by the legacy of Commander Hugo Chávez,” the statement said.

Mr. Chávez bemoaned what he considered conscious attempts of the government of the United States to meddle in the affairs of Venezuela, adding that international sanctions championed by the US are not only targeted at the government and its officials but ordinary citizens in Venezuela. He said: “Each and every one of you will ask yourselves: how have Venezuelans been able to resist, in the midst of the most brutal imperial aggression known against any people?

“The explanation, again, lies in the revolutionary consciousness of the Venezuelan People, in the leading role it plays in the process of broad transformations initiated in 1999 by Commander Hugo Chávez; In other words, in the development of the principles of Bolivarian Democracy, as well as in the implementation of an economic policy designed by the National Government for times of resistance, which faces criminal measures that unilaterally violate the most elementary principles of International Law have been imposed by the current administration of the United States, in order to prevent our Nation from carrying out transactions to access food and medicine, and international financing.

“The imperial prohibition includes bonds, loans, loan extensions, guarantees of loans, letters of credit, invoices or discount notes and commercial papers-; as well as blocking the financial activities of the Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) and prohibiting the carrying out of the operations of the Oil and Gas State-owned enterprise Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), on which a large part of the country's income depends, also preventing required supplies from reaching the Homeland to produce fuel.

“Also, we have been prohibited from being able to carry out any transaction with gold and cryptocurrencies; At the same time, oil companies owned by Venezuela have been criminally confiscated, and resources in gold and in foreign currency that we had deposited in banks in Europe and the United States.

“All this, as part of a permanent and deliberate plan to destroy our economy, undertaken by the warmongering government of Donald Trump, with the complicity and direct participation of the anti-patriot faction of the Venezuelan extreme right, and some lackey governments in the region, who play the game of imperialism; a plan that even precedes the current occupant of the White House, and that has as a precedent the infamous decree of former President Barack Obama, through which Venezuela was declared in 2015 as an "unusual and extraordinary threat" to the national security of the U.S.

“It is essential that you know that even under the conditions that the country faces, the policy of progressive distribution of the resources of the Bolivarian Revolution is maintained, that we have made every effort to develop the internal market -with good results in some areas-, that we have taken measures of great depth to attain the small and medium industrial and agrarian production, that the working class is waging an intense battle to recover the Venezuelan oil industry, affected by the betrayal of a few, and by the brutal blockade which significantly limits the ability to have the inputs that we require for its full operation.

“The Recovery, Growth and Prosperity policy designed by the Bolivarian Government led by Comrade President Nicolás Maduro Moros has made possible the reordering of the internal hydrocarbon market, the delivery of economic allocations to the most needy sectors, the protection of our production food and agriculture and the creation and promotion of the National Scientific Council, a fundamental lever in responding to Covid-19 pandemic and in economic recovery.”

The former Ambassador of Venezuela to Cuba and then Minister of Education from 2007 to 2008, however, praised the support and solidarity Venezuela has been receiving from sister nations, such as the People's Republic of China, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Turkey, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Islamic Republic of Iran and, “…as we pointed out before, the always combative Socialist Cuba”, among other peoples of the world.