USA: Youth Organize Get Infected, Get Paid Covid-19 Party

Disturbing reports from Alabama in the United States of America indicate that some youths are throwing Covid-19 parties to see who gets infected first. The troubling competition brings together those who are infected with the deadly virus together with those who have tested “positively negative.” The first negative person to test “positively positive” receives a payout.


The parties, according to a CNN report, are being held in a town called Tuscaloosa. The competition is weird as those who are infected with the virus are exhorted to attend to infect other youths with the virus. The newly infected youths will be awarded or paid with proceeds from the sale of tickets into the party.


Reports confirm that over the past weeks, there have been several such parties thrown in the city and its neighborhoods. McKinstry, a council member expressed frustrations over such actions.


“It makes me furious, furious to the fact that something so serious and deadly is being taken for granted,” she said. " we thought that was a kind of a rumor at first. we did some research, not only do the doctors' office confirm it, but the state confirmed they have had the same information, she continued.  


Plans are being put in place by the City Council to break up such parties and making sure that people are safe from this pandemic. Mask ordinance has already been passed and goes effective beginning Monday.


Alabama has about 39000 Covid-19 cases and nearly 1000 deaths. Should this behavior by some youth not be nipped in the bud, figures in the next few days would skyrocket.