US Elections: Pundits Predict Record-Shattering Turnout as Early Voters Continue to Step out in Thousands Nationwide

The number of Americans who are already voting is unprecedented and on course to break records. The number of votes cast by Friday, October 23 surpassed 50 million, according to Prof. Michael Macdonald of the US Election Project.

What is more, is that this figure represents 37.4% of all votes cast in 2016 when the incumbent President Donald Trump ran against the first-ever female presidential nominee, Hilary Clinton. In States like Texas, about 6.3 million people have already cast their votes representing about 70% of the total vote cash in 2016.

With the current enthusiasm and the number of people fired up to vote, election experts forecast a record-breaking turnout likely to beat the 1908 records. What is fueling the massive voter turnout in the US is uncertainty and the toxic atmosphere in the country.  

Race tension and police brutality against non-Caucasians, the coronavirus pandemic, the rising death toll and its handling by President Trump, and the economic downturn orchestrated by the covid-19 are some of the drivers. Although many people have hailed President Trump in his handling of the economy, many fault him with mishandling the Covid-19 pandemic, and the race relations in the wake of the brutal killing of George Floyd, and the ensuing demonstrations against police brutality.

Texas leads the total number of early voting with more than 6.3 million votes cast, California with 5.9, and Florida with 3.9.  Many other states have already crossed the 1 million early voting thresholds.

Long winding lines have been seen across the country and many people seem poised to make their voices heard. At one of the polling stations in Texas, an old woman brought in her water, cookies, umbrella, and other gear to ensure that she votes no matter how long it would take.

“Many fought and died for us to have this right to vote. I must fulfil that civic duty. It is the only weapon I have to make my voice heard,” she remarked.