United States Beats Own One-Day Coronavirus Record, Second Lockdown Looms

Officials in the United States are expressing fears of a second spike in the Coronavirus pandemic in the Country. Within the past few days, the country has witnessed a dramatic rise in new cases and deaths causing renewed fears and panic in the population.

Although US President, Donald J. Trump has blamed the rising numbers to “over-testing,” experts think it is due to the rush and uncontrolled reopening of the economy, refusal by some people to put on face masks, and the entrenchment and nature of Covid-19 after 45 days of total lockdown.

On Thursday, June 25, the US registered +40,184 new cases beating its own per day record in the history of Covid-19 bringing the total cases in the US to 2,425, 814. Texas, Florida, Alabama, Missouri, and Nevada reported daily record highs. This has prompted some States Governors to issue a new warning and take drastic measures to stop the spread.

In Texas, bars have been ordered to close and people advised to stay at home. The order to close bars in Texas is followed by one in Florida calling on people to suspend alcohol consumption in bars.

The Governor of Florida on his part has come under fire with accusation that his administration was “cooking the books” to keep the infection figures low, according to The Guardian. The paper also reports that Florida smashed its own one-day record Friday June 26 with 8,942 new cases after two successive days above 5000, “by far the highest figures since the pandemic began”.

These scenes at beaches lately have left Medics scared Coronovirus may not go away anytime soon (C) Business Insider

So far this month, Florida’s confirmed cases have more than doubled, going from 56,000 to well over 114,000 with daily records set for the most part of the last two weeks. This far, some 3,400 Covid-19 related deaths have been recorded in Florida.

With the virus surging back, the Coronavirus Task Force which went comatose for so many weeks has been revived and set to brief Americans on the situation at hand.

According, the President of the Corona Virus task Force, Vice President Mike Pence, most of the new cases in most of the states are adults under 35 years old. This, according to him, is “good news” knowing that fatalities amongst these groups of people are extremely low. Pence further acknowledged the fact that much still needs to be done and called on Americans to respect the guidelines form authorities to stay safe.  

Despite the Covid-19 come back, officials have played down the possibility of a second lockdown expressing fears it might cause irreversible damage to the US economy. But if the current surge continues unabated, then the possibility of a second lockdown could gain bigger traction.