Southern Cameroons: Police Inspector Commits Suicide in Bamenda as Genocidal War Takes Toll on Troop Morale

A Second Grade Inspector of Police in Bamenda, Southern Cameroons was found in a pool of his own blood, with his gun fallen off his right Palm in the early hours of April 7. His colleagues who forced open the door to his apartment deduced that he must have committed suicide. At their arrival, they noticed that his door was securely locked with the keys hanging from the inside. The door was fastened from inside as well with a table.


Information gathered states that the deceased, Kamhoha Nguemkam Serges, was a Second-Grade Police Officer at the Judicial Police Station at Oldtown in Bamenda. Records also indicate that he had been working there since September 9, 2017.


“It was a quiet afternoon Wednesday, April 7, 2021; I heard a gunshot about a few minutes after 2 a.m. and I took it for the normal gunshots from either the boys or the military. I went back to sleep and when I woke up at daybreak my neighbour was pounding at my door that something terrible had happened in our neighbourhood. He said a Police officer had shot himself to death. I jumped out of bed and we rushed towards “Seven Door,” the scene of the incident, just when the army rescue unit was taking out the remains from his apartment,” a resident told Timescape Magazine.


The deceased policeman reportedly left the office at midday and his phone had not been going through since Monday. Mr. Kamhoha’s colleagues told Timescape Magazine they could not reach him by phone and so decided to check on him that early morning only to meet his lifeless body inside his house.


“We went to his house because his number has not come on since Monday afternoon,” a policeman who did not want to be named told Timescape Magazine.


What might have caused the Police Officer who was at the peak of his career to commit suicide remains a matter of speculation. Some pundits hold that the toll of the ongoing genocidal war in Southern Cameroons might have weighed him down and he could not take it anymore. This is not the first case of a soldier or policeman committing suicide in the restive Southern Cameroons.


A Soldier at mile 6 Nkwen who was ordered to join others in a truck to go for an operation in Babanki decided to shoot the commanding officer and in turn, shot himself to death though the commanding officer miraculously survived. Cases of soldiers deserting abound as confirmed by the Cameroon Defense Minister, Joseph Beti Assomo in one of his outings.


Mr. Kamhoha was married with three children and lived in Oldtown while his wife and children lived in Bafoussam, in the West Region of the Republic of Cameroon.