President-elect, Joe Biden’s Nomination of Nigerian-born US Citizen into his Cabinet Electrifies, Inspires Hope in the West African Country

The news that Nigerian-American attorney Adewale ‘Wally’ Adeyemo has been nominated to the position of Deputy Secretary of Treasury by the United States President-elect, Joe Biden in his cabinet has elicited reactions of joy among Nigerians both home and in the Diaspora.

A lot Nigerians see the appointment of Adeyemo as one of the breakthroughs of Nigerians who are making it big in their chosen careers home and away from home. Adeyemo, an economic and political advisor, was born in Nigeria, but was raised in Southern California by a teacher father and a mother who was a nurse.

Fred Edoreh believes Adeyemo's new appointment shows that Nigerians in America are the most educated immigrant population 

“It makes me proud to hear that a Nigerian-American is being considered for such a high position in the US government,” Fred Edoreh, a Nigerian social activist and media practitioner tells Timescape Magazine. 

“I must confess, Adeyemo’s appointment by the US President-elect underscores the brilliance and capacity of many of my country people both home and abroad given the right environment. It also resonates with the revelation that Nigerians in America are the most educated immigrant population in that country and various other parts of the world…What thrills me most is the fact that he is to work in the treasury which is an extremely sensitive financial office that requires trust and character,” Mr. Edoreh adds.

He goes on: “Interestingly, here we are talking about corruption every day in Nigeria. But this shows that corruption is not really in our character but in our environment.  He sees the appointment as an encouragement to Nigerians not to give up in any challenge of life, adding that Nigerians in Diaspora should strive to be good ambassadors wherever they are residing.

“For Nigerians in the US or those intending to emigrate, the story of Adeyemo indicates that we can achieve the highest height in any country if we are diligent in whatever we do,” Mr. Edoreh, who is also former Chairman of the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN) Lagos chapter reflects.

Speaking on the lesson Nigerian government should derive from many the likes of Adeyemo, who are continuously receiving recognition across the world in their chosen careers, Mr. Edoreh notes “For our governments, they should be asking themselves this basic question: Why do Nigerians excel abroad but are constrained at home? I guess the answer is blowing in the wind”.

Oluwatobi Emmanuel, wants Adeyemo to serve America to the best of his ability

Oluwatobi Emmanuel, a Lagos-based Realtor/Administrator, said Adeyemo has brought pride to Nigeria with this great achievement, “…and as a Nigerian myself, I feel glad. I hope and wish he serves to the best of his ability. This is Nigeria to the world for me, it does not matter where the success is being achieved, what matters is Nigeria is being shown to the world.

“I wish our leaders, most especially the politicians, should learn to be truthful, dedicated, precise and open in any position they find themselves. They should exhibit the selfless act and focus more on the growth of our societies and mankind in general so that there would not be too much brain drain in the country,” Emmanuel points out.

Agunloye Adewunmi Bahiru sees Adeyemo's appointment as a gain to America and loss to Nigeria

Agunloye Adewunmi Bashiru, a political and social analyst received the news of Adeyemo’s appointment in the US with mixed feelings. “I think it is a gain to a country like America, but a great loss to Nigeria. Anyway, as a Nigerian, I am happy that our compatriots are being recognized not only in America but all over the world. Personally, I received the news with happiness. 

“As I said this is a result of lose and gain. It is a loss to us as a country, but a gain to the United States of America. I read that several years ago, Adewale’s father, Mr. Adeyemo decided to relocate him for a better life in America and the result is what we are seeing now. I am sure that if he were to be in Nigeria today, he might not have achieved up to what he has become now. 


“It is rather so unfortunate that Nigerian leaders are a huge failure.  No equal opportunity in Nigeria for youths to aspire to the highest levels they wish to. No enabling environment to succeed in all endeavours in the country. In Nigeria, you can only get to the peak if you are connected or your parents are politicians. This is sad. 


“I hope Nigerian leaders would learn from this and make our country attractive for our youths to be able to stay and exhibit their talents. Our education system and standard should be improved. University students have been at home for months now. What do you think the future holds for these youth? It is so sad,” Mr. Agunloye notes.

Ayorinde Dickson Oshin says Nigerians in Diaspora are champions in their respective fields abroad

To Ayorinde Dickson Oshin, who is not only a clergy, but a social commentator, “A prophet is not always valued in his hometown. Nigerians, and indeed Africans are the most educated immigrants in America. We are brilliant…Unfortunately, however, Nigerian leaders have failed to learn. What happened in the case of Adewale Adeyemo is not a new feat, Nigerians in the Diaspora have achieved a lot in health, biotechnology, science, financial sector, and others. The answer to Nigeria’s problem can squarely be provided by Nigerians if the leaders want to do it. Most of our leaders studied abroad and they are equally capable, but greed will not let them. However, Adewale Adeyemo has brought a message of hope for us”.

Mr. Adeyemo attended the University of California, Berkeley, where he was the president of the students’ association, and went on to get a law degree from Yale. He was the first President of the Obama Foundation, a Chicago-based nonprofit organization founded in 2014. He worked on the presidential campaigns of John Kerry, John Edwards, and Mr. Obama.

The young, talented, and inspiring gentleman joined the Treasury Department in 2009, working as deputy executive secretary to Secretary Timothy F. Geithner. Just over a year later, he was dispatched to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to help get the new agency up and running. There, he worked as chief of staff for Elizabeth Warren, now a senator from Massachusetts, who had come up with the idea for the consumer bureau and was picked by Mr. Obama to oversee the agency’s establishment.