Nana Ampadu, Ghana’s all-time Music Legend Shines @75

Amidst the ‘no public gathering’, due to Covid-19, one of Ghana’s all-time most celebrated singer, composer and guitarist who turned 75 a couple of weeks ago, continues to make the headlines in the showbiz media.

From Obo-Kwahu in the Eastern Region of Ghana, Nana Kwame Ampadu, is not only a household name in Ghana, but his music has also won the hearts of many music lovers, as his works touch on common universal themes.  

According to Graphic Showbiz, the music legend has composed and recorded songs about money, love and marriage, good citizenship, greed, drunkenness, death, road manners for commercial drivers, effective parenting, social stratification and virtually every aspect of life.

“My view is that to be truly relevant as a musician in this society of ours, one must target a variety of audiences. You won’t fare well if you only go for material that interests a small segment of our people. That’s an advice I have been giving for free to our musicians,” Nana Ampadu is quoted by the Graphic Showbiz as saying.

 Some of his popular tracks, which are mainly in the native Akan language, include Ebi Ti Yie, Aku Sika, Kofi Nkrabea, Obiaa Ba Nnye, Woyoo Woyoo, Mother, Mentumi Ngyae Wo, Agartha, Aye Se Ye Do Wo, Obra, Drivers, Anibere Nnye, Oman Bo Adwo, and Kwaata.

Ebi Ti Yie, which was composed in I967, was perceived to be critical of the then military-led National Liberation Council (NLC), which overthrew Kwame Nkrumah, and was thus, pulled off the airwaves for some time.

Celebrating the brilliant lyricist who also writes scripts for films and books, with words, Graphic Showbiz described Nana Ampadu with such adjectives as; erudite, inventive, clever, talented, imaginative, witty commentator, cultured and knowledgeable.

Nana Ampadu whose main music genre is the popular Ghanaian and West African Highlife, originated in Ghana in the 19th century. He formed his African Brothers band in 1963.

He and his band over the years of his music career have traveled to and perform in many countries across Africa as well as the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, France, Belgium, and Holland.

Through his band he has trained several others who also became band leaders. He doubles as a Christian preacher, where he also writes on religion and spirituality.