Longrich Cameroon in a Shambles, Corrupt, Highhanded Country Manager Imprisoned in Congo on Embezzlement Charges

The Cameroon Country Representative of Longrich, Chinese born Zhao Gang, popularly known as Mr. Tony has been arrested and incarcerated in Congo-Brazzaville following myriad and recurrent complaints brought up against him by members of the business community dealing in the company’s products.

According to reports from the Congolese capital, Brazzaville, Zhao Gang aka Mr. Tony was napped at the airport on May 14 when he attempted to flee from the country with the assistance of some corrupt security operatives despite being officially under investigation. Mr. Tony whose international passport had been seized, bribed his way to get it back through fraudulent channels so he could escape justice in Congo.

The Chinese Representative of Longrich for Cameroon and Central Africa is being held on charges of tax evasion, customs fraud, dumping of products that are close to their dates of expiry in Congo, extortion, manipulation of local dealers in Longrich products, creation of artificial scarcity to defraud traders, diversion of Longrich products meant for Congo to other destinations at rates above those charged by the company and much more.

From its headquarters in China, Longrich distributes a huge variety of products worldwide

A complaint filed against Mr. Tony in Brazzaville, a copy of which was shared with Timescape Magazine, details that Mr. Tony and a small gang of loyalists in the country developed several obscure strategies to defraud local dealers in Longrich products of their profit margins. These practices include discrimination in the distribution of stocks, hoarding of stocks for pecuniary benefits, nonpayment of taxes in Congo, the distraction of Longrich resources to his personal accounts at UBA bank, Crédit du Congo, BSCA, and others to downplay the magnitude of Longrich’s business expanse in Congo and stray away from the scrutiny of taxation agents.

The complaint also details that Mr. Tony was aided in his fraudulent ventures by two Congolese by name Solange Kihouba and another gentleman whose only name Timescape Magazine obtained as Hugues. Ms. Kihouba reportedly created a smokescreen company by name Longrich République du Congo SARL, which served in maneuvering tax evasion and capital flight towards China and other countries. The company had no registered workers with the Congolese labour services and the papers indicated that it was a local company as Ms. Kihouba owned 93% of the shares and Mr. Tony was supposedly attributed only 7% of shares.

Mr. Tony, sources in Brazzaville have told Timescape Magazine has been multiplying strategies to escape the long arm of the law, as some of his associates in Cameroon, well-known for promoting the same unlawful practices he is being accused of in Congo, in Cameroon are said to be raising money to rush to his rescue. Several calls and emails by Timescape to Longrich’s headquarters in China requesting comments have not been returned.


Enter Longrich Cameroon

While the Longrich community in Congo is multiplying efforts to ensure Mr. Tony is not only brought to book for his acts, but that he is kicked out of the country altogether, their peers in Cameroon are reportedly in ecstasy. Longrich dealers in Cameroon’s two main cities of Yaounde and Douala told Timescape Magazine that Mr. Tony had done worse in Cameroon, adding that the charges brought against him in Brazzaville would only represent the tip of the iceberg as they are about to open the Pandora box.

Longrich Products have become easily available across Cameroon and Central Africa- Twifemmy- WorldPress.com

A sales representative in Douala lamented that Mr. Tony and a clique of well-placed individuals took advantage of the Covid-19 pandemic to impoverish all other dealers by diverting products meant for Cameroon to other countries where they charge far higher rates than those recommended by the company.

“We are fed-up with this man, he is not only a fraudster but also an outright criminal taking advantage of the corruption in Cameroon and the laxity of the administration to transform us all into slaves,” Remus Bandin told Timescape Magazine.

“Congo took us by surprise, as we have documented all the horrible things Mr. Tony has done in Cameroon and we have all the names of his accomplices and our plan is to make sure they are all exposed and brought before the law. We are making serious contacts with big people in government circles and the justice department to make sure our voices are heard, enough is enough,” he emphasized.

Other Longrich dealers contacted in other towns of Cameroon expressed the same feelings of frustration and anger at Mr. Tony’s highhandedness but declined to be quoted for fear of retribution in their business dealings. Some of these people stated that they will only come public when the matter would have been tabled with the justice department for Mr. Tony to be chased out of Cameroon.


End Beat

The complaints brought up against Mr. Tony in Congo and Cameroon appear to fall within a pattern of behaviour by the Chinese business representative. He is reported to have acted in the same way in Nigeria to the point the business community accused him of re-enacting slavery in the third millennium. Multiple accusations were brought up against him and this forced the Nigerian government to ask Longrich to withdraw Mr. Tony from the country. He left Nigeria straight to Cameroon.

Longrich has become a source of employment and main business for many in Cameroon

Longrich International BioScience has been variedly described as the business of the 21st century, and many people around the world have seen their lives improved thanks to Longrich's products and compensation plan. like any other company, it needs people for its management and development, but along the line some unscrupulous individuals are taking advantage of the scheme to defraud unsuspecting and vulnerable people in Africa South of the Sahara.