Longrich Cameroon Continues Down the Abyss, Country Manager Tony Walks ‘Free’, China Dispatches Firefighting Mission to Douala

The news is on every lip. The seven star directors of Longrich Cameroon have been ecstatic as they await the return of their ‘messiah’ to Douala. The Cameroon Country Representative of Longrich, Chinese born Zhao Gang, popularly known as Mr. Tony, who fraudulently extended his influence over Central Africa is out of detention in Congo, though he cannot leave the country because his passport was still in the hands of the authorities at press time. His release from jail was conditioned on him correcting the legal and managerial mishaps that rid Congo-Brazzaville of hundreds of millions of CFA F in tax money and turned the country’s Longrich wholesalers into milking cows for himself and a little clique of stalwarts.

Cameroon Country Representative of Longrich, Chinese born Zhao Gang, popularly known as Mr. Tony 

Longrich Cameroon, meanwhile continues to boil and the star directors who have been accused of conniving with Tony to promote the same ills denounced in Congo are reportedly multiplying efforts to protect what they consider their God-given niche to the detriment of thousands of dreamers who joined the networking business in the hopes of changing their fortunes. The litany of problems is long and speaks to the desperation shown by the country’s seven directors at the star level, as they were seen raising funds to try and corrupt the Congolese legal department to release Tony to return to Douala.

“We are puzzled that elsewhere in Africa, star directors work extremely hard in the interest of their fellow compatriots to help them realize their dreams and get returns on their investments, but in Cameroon our own star directors are rather an obstacle to our growth. They have used the corrupt Tony to muddy the waters for wholesalers (commonly referred to in the milieu by the French-coined word ‘stockists’) and promoted practices that make profitability difficult,” strong words from Angela Namondo (real name withheld for fear of victimization), one of the numerous wholesalers based in Douala.

The myriad problems bedeviling Longrich Cameroon covers issues as diverse as Mr. Tony’s practice of launching promotional campaigns mainly with products that are not readily available, making the attainment of the bars placed for advantages enshrined in the promotion impossible,  imposing unknown people in partner teams he deems have growth prospects just because they are his favorites, discriminatory supply of products to wholesalers in a way that favors a few, leaving so many limping for products in high demand and pushing those who speak out to the tail of the distribution backlog and much more.

“What Tony and his accomplices of star directors are doing is just ridiculous, he never keeps to any agreement according to Longrich regulations. He changes his position like the weather in the rainy season and this is bad for business. They set most wholesalers up to lose their investments because they ensure their few friends in the chain have all the products and in good quantities while the majority barely struggle with brands that are not the most popular, and this is creating so much frustration and anger,” Angela tells Timescape Magazine.

Like Angela, Rigobert Demanou is losing patience with Longrich and thinks that networking among the wholesalers (stockists) to either boycott the company or organize a massive strike action in front of the Longrich main offices could be another way of getting China to act fast and appropriately. He expressed exasperation that the ills promoted by Tony and his ‘gang’ of star directors not only rid government coffers of much needed tax money, but it also transformed wholesalers into ‘slaves’ and jesters pouring in money and energy to enrich them while getting into financial ruin.

“The remuneration of stockists (wholesalers) is too poor and almost an insult, for example, you have to sell up to 1000 units on the point value system (PVS) which is superior to CFA F 10 million to earn CFA F 500,000 wholesaler bonus. If you look at the mushrooming of wholesalers within a limited perimeter, you realize that it is impossible for someone to operate only as a wholesaler (stockist) and be able to earn anything substantial after investing between CFA F 18 to 20 million, and this is sad,” Rigobert says.

He laments further that the star directors do not take this into consideration when subscribing wholesalers, noting that the best practice in vogue in other areas such as the brewery sector is to map out the areas to ensure wholesalers have spheres and clusters of customers they can consider as their bases, making profitability possible. He regrets that this situation has led to the closure or call it bankruptcy of wholesalers almost daily and there is no room for the withdrawal of one’s capital from Longrich once the money has been invested.

Jane Yuyun Taba, 3-Star Director

“Let me tell you this, we are too angry, and things must change if not we will do the unthinkable. How do you explain that despite all the blockade created by Tony and his gang of star directors championed by one Jane Taba, they tell us that stockists (wholesalers) cannot terminate their contracts and get back their money after returning the products they collected back to the company? The management approach is made too complex by their hidden agenda to exploit us because of the rampant poverty in Cameroon,” another dealer, Martine Mangong, who sold family land to invest in the business tells Timescape Magazine at her Bepanda, Douala residence.

The general outcry is growing louder by the day and for good reason. Incentives that were advertised at the outset in pomp and ceremony to attract investors are seemingly disappearing in style. There is no clear information on the conditions for qualification for scholarships and the star director house fund, no clear calendar program for upgrade windows, confusion around PVS standards and other useful information that is vital for the success of partners, and much more.

“I saw my friend receiving a brand-new car from Longrich for real and that encouraged me to go sell our family inheritance to try and make more money, but today even the conditions to qualify to get those cars is complicated. They wait until the middle of the year and then suddenly announce that from the day of the publication of the promotional campaign, if you have made say 1500 PVS you will be given a car. You see what happens here, that cancels everything you had made from the start of the year, even if you were already at 1,300 PVS in July, you must start from zero, and I see this as dishonesty, shifting of the goalpost in a way to guarantee that this car will remain only in your dreams,” Mrs. Mangong tells Timescape Magazine tearful.


Longrich Headquarters Dispatches a Firefighting Mission

Longrich Products have become easily available across Cameroon and Central Africa (C) Twifemmy- WorldPress

The tons of complaints pouring out of Cameroon daily appear to have moved the Longrich top management in China to act. Timescape Magazine has been hinted that China has sent two senior officials of the company to restore order in Cameroon and the rest of Central Africa. The senior executives were reportedly on their way to Cameroon at press time. They have been charged with investigating the chaos threatening to unsettle Longrich in the country.

News of the dispatch of this mission was greeted with relief by many in the network. The thousands of wholesalers in the country see the move as a vital first step in the right direction, hoping it will give room for the playground to be leveled for everyone. Some see this as an opportunity to get the ‘corrupt’ Tony out of the way and the introduction of sanity.

This general optimism notwithstanding, Angela says her hope that these two individuals could alter the status quo is measured.

“This is not the first mission from the Longrich headquarters ever dispatched to Cameroon. The last time some people were sent here, Tony and the start directors made sure they spoke only to their protégés. These are people who were told what to say and, in the end, it gave the impression that some few disgruntled agitators were just making baseless claims. I hope and pray that this time, the team takes time to reach out to the masses that are in danger of losing their investments,” she emphasizes.

These manipulations by a few people desirous of getting ever richer on the sweat of others aside, Longrich as a company has provided a lifeline for several people in Cameroon to improve their lot by investing in the distribution of its products as partners.