Herman Cain, Former GOP Presidential Candidate Dies of Covid-19

Former Republican Presidential candidate and former Chief Executive Officer of a major pizza chain, Herman Cain, has died of Covid-19. He died Thursday July 30, at the age of 74.


Cain, who was an ardent supporter of US President, Donald J. Trump died of complications after contracting the Coronavirus and hospitalized for less than two weeks. It is not clear exactly when he contracted the virus, but he was part of President Trump’s Tulsa rally which critics say helped spike the pandemic in Oklahoma.


Late Herman Cain (Centre) at the Trump-Tulsa Rally in Oklahoma (C) Twitter


Cain like President Trump did not believe in masks to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. At the Trump Tulsa rally, he was visible without a mask. In one of his tweets, Cain declared, “Masks will not be mandatory for events, which will be attended by President Trump. People are fed up!”.  He had on several occasions expressed support for the Trump Campaign’s decision not to require masks to attend rallies.


Although Cain was diagnosed with late stage colon cancer that rapidly spread to his liver, the Coronavirus helped propel his demise.


Reactions to this sad news have been pouring in from across the USA. Mitt Romney, a former GOP Presidential Candidate, described Cain as a formidable champion of business, politics, and policy. He “lost the battle with Covid-19. St. Peter will soon hear “999!” keep up the fight my friend.”


Rep. Doug Collins says, he was saddened by the news of Cain’s passing away. He described him as, “a proud Georgian, a true statesman, and a strong conservative voice.”