Ghana: Western Togoland Secessionists Ransack Two Police Stations, Cart away 14 AK-47 Guns

An armed group believed to be members of Western Togoland secessionists, at dawn on September 25, 2020, attacked two police stations in the Volta Region of Ghana simultaneously and took away some 14 AK-47 rifles and five pump-action guns, according to Accra-based Citi FM’s report of police investigations.

The action by the group started with the blocking of major entries into the Volta Region, the region linked to Togo. They then moved on to attack the two police stations in two towns within the region, resulting in the killing of some two civilians by stray bullets, injuring a police chief and two other officers.   


Western Togoland Roadblock (C)


The development, coming at a time the country is two months to go into general elections, has become a subject of security and national concern.  Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, addressing the media on September 27, 2020, assured Ghanaians of government and the security apparatus control of affairs—to maintain the country’s peace, law, and order.

“The security agencies are dealing with the security side of it. We are dealing with it as a purely criminal act, as a pure infringement on the laws of this country and are proceeding to treat the persons who are behind it accordingly”, he stated.

The Minister also revealed that the government knows the funding agents of the group. “Do we know where these persons are getting their support or funding from? Yes, we know where their funding is coming from. The various agencies are moving in as part of this comprehensive plan to deal with this whole phenomenon. They are also moving in to deal with their source of funding”, he indicated.

On the matter of plebiscite, Mr. Oppong Nkrumah indicated that about 58% at the time the people of the region voted to be part of Ghana and that such agreement was not time-bound.  He also observed that the group is claiming some geographical areas that were altogether not part of the said territorial division.  

Members of the said Western Togoland Separatist Movement have been making the news in the country for some time now, as they occasionally surface, claiming and demanding secession, by making references to historical territorial jurisdiction with the same name ‘Western Togoland’. Their actions resulted in some of their members’ arrest about a year ago but were later cleared of the charges brought against them during the trial.

Some 30 persons suspected to be linked with last weekend’s attack on the police stations are currently in the hands of the security and would be charged to court.