Gas Explosion Kills Two, Wrecks Homes in Tomball Houston

Residents of Tomball, Texas were rattled and on their feet by a gas explosion in a warehouse on Vernon near Arnold overnight. The explosion which has thus far, left two persons dead could be felt as far as two miles away, said a resident.

Firefighters who arrived at the scene were able to put the flames under control in about 15 minutes. Early investigation suggests that the explosion may have been some type of gas explosion wired in the building, said one official.

Houston explosion at warehouse caused enormous damage to both property and persons (C) CBS News

Surveillance videos from the scene show how powerful and devastating the explosion was, leaving a home completely in ruins. Firefighters who responded to the incident said they felt the vibration right at the station.

Many people are puzzled that an explosion of that magnitude did not cause any collateral damage in other parts of the town. The Tomball Fire Chief, Randy Parr said, “We're trying to ascertain really how the explosion occurred, and the way that the walls came out and the way the roof came up. So, we think a lot of the energy was generated upwards”.

The man who was first killed in the explosion was discovered after firefighters combed through the charred debris of the shattered home. He is believed to be the occupant of the ruined home.  “It is like a miracle that no other home or person has been affected despite the magnitude of the explosion”, wondered a resident of Tomball.

A second death from the incident has been reported by police sources in Houston as firefighters and officials are investigating gas connections and appliances to determine a possible cause of the explosion.