FIFA Boss in Swiss Prosecutor’s Dragnet over Football Corruption

The world soccer governing body, FIFA would in the days ahead witness a landmark probe into the shady dealings of its boss, Gianni Infantino. This is as a result of a case opened against him, Michael Lauber, and Rinaldo Arnold by the Swiss prosecutor, Stefan Keller accusing them of gross abuse of public office, breach of official secrecy, “assisting offenders,” and “assisting to these acts”.

According to a statement from the  Swiss Authority overseeing the Federal Prosecutor’s Office, FIFA- Infantino, and his “accomplices” the case is  connected to a meeting the FIFA boss had with the Swiss Attorney General, Michel Lauber characterized by reprehensible underhand dealings and football corruption.

Michel Lauber, who announced his resignation a week ago, gave up some “elements that make up reprehensible behaviour,” the Special Prosecutor declared.

Lauder admitted that he had lied about a meeting he had with Infantino in June 2017 at a hotel in Bern. They both later claimed that they could not recall what they discussed during the meeting when their discussion trickled out.

Sepp Blatter, the former FIFA President and Michele Platini, the former UEFA President who was fired because of an investigation launched against them in November 2014, are set to welcome Lauber in Switzerland.

As of now, according to the Switzerland legal institution, these suspects are considered innocent until the legal procedure and proceedings are concluded.

FIFA has refused to comment on this developing story as soccer lovers await the outcome of the investigations, proceedings, and the conclusion.