Catholic Bishop Uncovers Plans to Breakup Democratic Republic of Congo into Four Separate States

The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Bunia in Ituri, Eastern Congo has claimed that there is an international plan to balkanize the Democratic Republic of the Congo into four different countries.

"I was in Germany, I was shown a map that divides our country into 4 states," the Cleric told his congregants on Pentecost Sunday.

The Prelate said the continued fighting in Eastern Congo, particularly in Ituri, Djugu and Irumu was serving to bring the plan to fruition.

The perpetuators of the plan, he said, want to exploit the natural resources of the area, particularly the oil of Lake Albert, with no one putting an eye on them.

"Let no one fool you. Do you know why we die every day in Djugu? It is because of the Balkanization ", said Mgr. Dieudonne Uringi in front of thousands of Christians.

The area has been bedeviled by a deadly war between the pastoralist Hema and agriculturalist Lendu ethnic groups in the Djugu area of Iturbi.

The conflict that begun over a long-standing land dispute has rapidly expanded, thanks to the presence of Congolese and foreign armed groups, the rapid circulation of weapons in the area, an economy ruined by war as well as the rise in ethnic identities.

Analysts say the conflict that started as a land dispute has morphed into one over money and power. But Eastern Congo is also host to several other militia groups, some of which came in from Rwanda.

For instance, there is FDLR, a derivative of extremist groups and army that crossed into DR Congo from Rwanda after carrying out the 1994 genocide that left at least a million people, largely Tutsis dead.

Other armed Rwandan groups include RNC and FLN, led by fugitives and exiled politicians.

The Bishop says the ultimate end is to divide the country.

"[•••] People deceive, they want to divide our country, the main reason for this war is the Balkanization of the country. It is the policy of land occupation, taking our land. People infiltrate everywhere, towards Mungwalu, through the forest, they want to rob us of our lands [•••]” the Bishop said.

“They want to exploit the oil without benefits accruing to us. That is why they are driving locals away to drill the oil, "he emphasized.

Mgr. Dieudonne Uringi, Bisho of the Doicese of Bunia in Ituri (C) Facebook

He insisted that "the killings in Ituri are an international and national plan to Balkanize Ituri and North Kivu, that they may become another country. The people who take up arms in Djugu and Mahagi do not know why they are killing each other. They are given little money, and they agree to slaughter each other.”

Bishop Uringi warns that if the two ethnic groups keep fighting, they will rise up one day to find out that they had become “slaves to those planning this partition of the country.”

“It may be that day that we will understand,” he warned.

He cited Sudan as an example of how international economic interests could drive the balkanization of a country.

“It took 30 years for the plan to divide Sudan to work. They are the same people who also want to Balkanize our country. If we continue to kill each other, we will regret it tomorrow,” he reiterated.

He called on the Cooperative for the Development of DR Congo (CODECO) militia as well as the Kyini ya kilima to stop the useless wars.”


Internet Reacts to Balkanization Claims

Internet users in the country have reacted differently to the Bishop’s assertions.

Mame Simplice-Marc, a resident of Kivu province believes dividing the country will provide a basis for equality.

“We the people of Kivu are segregated against by our friends from the west and in the center. They treat us like Rwandans-a thing that does not make us proud to be called Congolese. This is a country where tribalism reigns. I am for the republic of kivu.”

For Mike Diakanua, the over centralization of power is bad for the country, and therefore “there is a need to resort to a federal system of government.”

Paulin Mbaka, another social media user says the “DRC will remain one and indivisible. Woe to anyone who plans or supports the balkanization of the DRC, no one chose to be born Congolese, but it is by the will of God that we are. It is time that we speak the same language with the same feeling, fighting by all means against any individual or group of individuals wanting to Balkanize this country because the union is strong.”

In January, President Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi was in London for the UK-Africa Investment Summit where he branded the “balkanization project” a distraction.

“I would like to start with a topic that is getting a lot of attention these days and I solemnly swear that, as long as I am the President of the Republic, no single square centimeter of this country will be yielded to anyone whatsoever,” the President told the Congolese community in London.

“So, this subject of balkanization is a distraction. We fought in the opposition to establish democracy and to ensure that the Congolese regain their rights, No, no and no; this Congo that I lead will never be balkanized.”