Cameroonian Bishop Challenges Modern Medics to Disprove his Herbal Covid-19 Cure

The Archbishop of Douala, Mgr. Samuel Kleda has called on doubting modern medical practitioners to run clinical tests on his herbal cure against Covid-19 to ascertain its efficacy.

The Catholic Archbishop says he has treated upward of 1000 people who showed symptoms of the raging Coronavirus.

“When people began to show signs of Coronavirus infection, I came up with an herbal mix that produced astonishing results,” the cleric told Timescape Magazine.

“So far, the patients who have taken this treatment and they are many-I think there should be about one thousand patients who have come with symptoms of Coronavirus- I can tell you that none of them has died. That is what gives me joy and for me, the Coronavirus is defeated.”

The Archbishop cited the specific case of an infected mother whose eight-day old babe was also showing signs of the virus. Kleda’s herbs treated the two, and the Cleric said “we are happy to see all of that.”

But there has been skepticism in some quarters, particularly with the World Health Organization (WHO) which requires that any treatment must align with modern medical protocols.

But Kleda has shut back, challenging them to do their own part of the job.

What does it mean to have scientific proof? Does that mean that sick people be allowed to die? What gives me pleasure is that people are getting healed after taking my treatment. It behooves on the scientists now to carry out their scientific studies to see how the herbs work. Experts from the Ministry of Public Health have even collected samples of the treatment to go and study. I am perfectly in accordance with such collaboration. If there are laboratories that are ready to mass produce the product so that people don’t die, as a priest, I am ready to collaborate with them.”

He said the product can be found in Catholic hospitals under the health services of each diocese, and warned the population against taking what is now circulating on social media known as “Kledavid”- a name purportedly given by the Bishop to his medicine.

“I will find a name for my product when the time comes,” the Prelate told Cameroun’s State broadcaster, CRTV.

“That moment to come will be during the official presentation of the product to the whole world and it is not yet the case,” he added.


The Concoction Archbishop Kleda Disowns and Refers to as Poison that must be Avoided

Terming the name circulating on social media as “Kledavid poison,” the cleric said “the enemies of the Church are purposefully trying to circulate this poisonous substance and when there will be problems, the population will tag the Bishop to the product whereas it is a completely different thing entirely.”

The Cameroon government has indicated that it could adopt the treatment if proven to be effective. Public Health Minister, Dr. Manaouda Malachie dispatched a team of experts to meet the Archbishop in Douala in efforts to follow up on the developments.

“If at the end of the process we have put in place with the Archbishop, it is proven that his herbal cure is effective in treating the coronavirus, we will without any doubt adopt it,” the Minister told reporters in Yaounde.

Kleda has been involved in herbal medicine for about 30 years, and Minister Manaouda says he knows there should be some grain of truth in the Archbishop’s claims.