Cameroon: Traditional Monarch Rattles CPDM Regime, Names President Biya “The Evil Plaguing the Country”

The political and economic outlook of Cameroon has come under increasing scrutiny in recent years, following a series of heavily boycotted elections amidst the ongoing armed conflict in the Once Independent State of Southern Cameroons. Pressure has been growing both from within and without on the Paul Biya-led regime to reform the electoral system and open the ground for greater public engagement.


In line with this, His Royal Highness, Sokoudjou Jean Rameaux of the Bamendjou Fondom in the West region, located some 20 kilometers from the chief town, Bafoussam, has written what is being seen by many as a missive to President Biya and his aids. Chief Sokoudjou is well known in the region as a fearless man who suffered unhealthy treatment during the regime of Cameroon’s first president, Amadou Ahidjo. He has on several accounts made clear that he was ready to die after speaking his mind. 


Mr Paul Biya has been president of the Republic of Cameroon since Amadou Ahidjo handed power over to him on November 6, 1982 (C)


The traditional ruler opens his epistle on the rationale that when God gives one money or power, it is not meant to crush his people, but to impact on humanity positively.


“When God gives you money or power, it is not to crush his people,” he said. To him Cameroon being a republic means, children with little differences decided to embrace living together under given laws and rules that govern and guarantee national unity. He says the breach of these rules and laws guiding national unity and togetherness only breeds evil.


“All evil comes from not respecting the laws that we have given ourselves, for subjective reasons some trample on these laws, interpreting them for their personal benefit. A law of the Republic is a law of the Republic,” he says.  The Chief goes on to blame the present disorder in Cameroon on President Biya and his administration, warning that they have trampled on the laws that guarantee togetherness.


“...In Cameroon Biya and his gang live as if the laws did not exist and he, who should be the guarantor in the application of the said laws, tramples on them, and opens the door to general disorder…All the evil in Cameroon is Paul Biya.  No law prohibits the conviction of anyone who violates the law. But for Satan to remain in power forever, tactically allows those who support him break the law with impunity, suffocate some people of the lower classes for not supporting him…,” Chief Soukoudjou outlines.


In utter exasperation, the Traditional Monarch wonders if the President of the Republic is never supposed to be accountable, to respect anything, and whether he can be killing all those who oppose him with impunity. He pushes the reflection further by noting that when such happens constantly, nothing else should be expected, other than the chaos which is the order of the day in the Country.


In an audacious outburst, the Chief says what is going on in Cameroon is Sodom and Gomorrah. “…A country rotten in evil. The Biya diet is evil. It must be destroyed because it is inhumane…”


In no uncertain terms, Chief Soukoudjou challenges President Biya to act like the Head of State that he is, by going down o Kumba in the restive Southern Cameroons himself to condole with parents whose children were killed at the Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy recently by yet to be identified gunmen. He cautioned President Biya to rethink his ways and consider seeking forgiveness from Cameroonians through general reconciliation that could see a return of peace to the country.