Cameroon: Gun Battles, Heavy Blasts & Abandoned Corpses becoming daily Routine in Bamenda

Bamenda has since Sunday July 26, 2020 been witnessing heavy gun battles between the Cameroun military and pro-independence forces of the Once Independent State of Southern Cameroons seeking to restore the Statehood of the former UN Trust Territory and rename it Ambazonia.


Two heavy blasts at the Azire new Church Junction neihbourhood and another around Atu-Azire left city dwellers scared and running helter-skelter. 


Residents behind Azire Old Church said they heard a blast on the morning of Wednesday July 29 about 6:11am followed by sporadic gunshots. A worker at the Mamfe motor park around Ben Nkwenti garage told Timescape that his curiosity drew him to the spot where the blast had occurred that early morning. He said just around New Church junction he saw particles of an artisanal bomb mounted at a spot where there is often a mixed security control.


According to him, it seemed those who mounted the explosive were targeting the military and the explosive went off before the officers could get there.


About the second blast, some sources said it was an electricity transformer that exploded and created fear and panic. That account was not independently confirmed as the electricity transformer said to have exploded appeared still in working form.


On Thursday July 30 about 10 am, people were blocked at Metta quarter because of deafening gunshots in the area. At the Amour Mezam motor park area there were reports of gunshots during the day. 


Eyewitnesses told Timescape that because of reckless shooting in all directions by the Cameroun military, a young man was found dead from a stray bullet in his wood workshop. His colleagues had escaped when the military was approaching the workshop and shooting at random. 


Ignatius Amba, a Bamenda-based reporter, and Cameraman for STV was on Sunday July 29, caught in a crossfire as he was heading home toward mile 90 on the Bamenda/Ekok road. He was hit by bullets on the chest and elsewhere. He is receiving treatment at a medical facility in Bamenda. Close associates say he was first taken to the Regional Hospital where the bullets were retrieved, and wounds dressed.