Cameroon Army Guns down 65-year-old, say his Son is an Armed Separatist

It was Monday May 11 night when all had gone to bed in Tatum, a locality some 135 km from Bamenda in the once independent state of Southern Cameroons also called Ambazonia, Mallam Baba Musa- 65, was having a peaceful rest like the rest of the community. He had spent a nice day with his family at home since it was a  ghost town day (a day the people shutdown their cities and villages to call global attention to their desire for self-determination) as observed in the entire region.


Neighbors say they heard sounds of a forceful break-in coming from the direction of Pa Musa’s compound and given the tense atmosphere with soldiers everywhere nobody dared to step out that late to check.


Before long, the sound of a gunshot was heard coming from same direction. A local said after two hours of wait to ascertain that all was safe, neighbors mustered courage to go find out what had happened. They found Pa Musa’s lifeless body in a pool of his own blood.


Family members told Timescape Magazine that a detachment of Cameroon’s rapid intervention battalion (BIR) marched into their compound that night, kicked open their father's door and shot him to death saying it was because one of his sons was a Southern Cameroons self-defense volunteer.


Multiple sources in the cities and villages of the once independent state of Southern Cameroons also called Ambazonia have told Timescape Magazine that families that have relatives among the pro-independence self-defense volunteers have become a target for the military of the Republic of Cameroon. The military either kills a key family member, wipes out an entire family whether they are armed or not, or sets their homes on fire.


There are widespread fears in the region that self-defense volunteers could begin retaliating by targeting family members of soldiers and other forces serving in the Cameroon army, as well as those of top government officials from the restive zones.


Senator George Kinyang who hails from Bui has solicitated the local administration and the commission for peace and justice of the Bishop’s House in Kumbo to investigate the killing of Mallam Musa. He has insisted the culprits must be brought to book to deter such acts of unprovoked shooting dead of unarmed civilians in his constituency. 


The Cameroon military has in the past few weeks been on a campaign in Bui in their quest to seek out Southern Cameroons’ self-defense volunteers, but most often unarmed civilians are the ones being killed with impunity.


The Valentine Day Ngarbuh massacre where even a government-formed commission of inquiry, manned by members of President Paul Biya’s ruling CPDM Party pinned responsibility for the killings of children and women, among them a pregnant woman, on government soldiers in complicity with hired Fulani militias, has not as much as abetted further killings of innocent people.