Breaking News: Christian Cardinal Tumi, Central Africa’s First Ever Roman Catholic Cardinal Transitions to Rise with Christ

Christian Cardinal Tumi is dead. The first-ever Roman Catholic prelate to be named Cardinal in Central Africa has died at the of 93. Christian Cardinal Tumi is reported to have given up the ghost in the early hours of Holy Saturday, April 3, 2021, at the Bishop’s House in Douala, Cameroon where he took his retirement. Timescape Magazine is in possession of a video of the deceased Cardinal (Graphic and not good for the public) at the time his remains were being removed from his bedroom at the Bishop’s House.

Cardinal Tumi is dead, Long Live the Cardinal

The Cardinal lived a pious life and fought for the downtrodden for the better part of his Christian life. He will be remembered as a fearless soldier of the Word who stood against vice, fighting both against the strong and daring. The late Cardinal will be mourned by both foe and friends for the values he promoted against all odds.

This is a developing story and Timescape Magazine will bring you the details as they unfold.