Biya Regime nears Implosion as New Armed Group Surfaces in French Cameroon

An armed group of about 20 Fulanis has emerged somewhere in French Cameroon. A local French Language Daily, Le Jour has reported that this arm group could be found somewhere in the Adamawa region, although the scenery does not paint a Sahelian picture given the freshness of trees and grass not common in larger Adamawa.


A video making rounds online recorded shows armed men in military fatigue with each holding an AK47. The leader of the group comments that the group is out to halt Cameroon's President Paul Biya from his continues long stay at the helm of the state. 


The Commander in an effort to instill courage in his troops was repeatedly telling them in Fulani that power moved from the Muslims into the hands of Christians and has stayed with one person far too long and it is time it gets back to the Muslims.


The Commander, still speaking in Fulfulde language, tells his troops not to miss focus when small soldiers come before them, insisting that their target is the Unity Palace to take out Mr. Biya.


Conscious of how delicate their mission is, all the Commander tells his troops to use every means, be they mystical or otherwise to oust Mr. Biya and his entire regime from power.


Few as they may be some observers warn the group must not be ignored. Pundits fear these might be Fulani's who were armed with AK47s and given military uniforms by the Biya-government to fight pro- independence armed groups in the Once Independent State of Southern Cameroons, now regrouping elsewhere in the country. 


A Bamenda-based social critic, Ngwang Peter expressed fears that with such a development, Cameroon was about getting into more serious trouble.


“...All these fingers that have been accusing Anglophones were not looking at the danger in their backyard..." he said.


Sule Abubakar, a Douala city dweller said with this new development, the Cameroon government was entering another face of trouble given that this group could quickly gain sympathy and support from the mostly Muslim North. The grudge the people have continued to hold against Mr. Biya because of the abandonment of the remains of the country’s first President, Amadou Ahidjo corpse in Senegal and the jailing of their folks like yah Mohammed- former Football Federation Boss and Marafa Hamidou Yaya-one-time Secretary General at the Presidency cannot be undermined.


Abubakar intimated that a recent letter of apology from a well-known fire-eating Marafa to Mr. Biya after a series of missives from his prison cell, could be a disguise tactic to guarantee he is not linked to this build-up of events.


Octogenarian Biya has been in power since taking over from President Ahidjo on November 6, 1982. He has used a combination of bribery and corruption, election rigging as well as military brutality to resist all attempts to rinse power from his grips.