Americans Celebrate Thanksgiving Amidst Hunger, Covid-19 Surge, and an Uncertain Future

As food pantries in the US dry up, more than 50 million Americans face food insecurity because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Across the country, millions are queuing to get food from charity hubs to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.

With millions forced out of work because of the exploding coronavirus pandemic, and the cat and mouse game at the Capitol Hill over a new stimulus package, more and more Americans are becoming disillusioned and anxious not only about their rent or mortgage, but where the next meal will come from.

Chiara, 28 summed it all when she exclaimed, “When you see people with Ferrari on the line to get food, then you understand where things are. You need not be ashamed to be on this line.”


These cars are all lined-up for food donation with all facing late payments, failing incomes, eviction from as Covid-9 cases continue to surge (C) Dallas Morning News


Health experts indicate the rate of suicidal thoughts, and suicide amongst younger adults has increased significantly because of the impact of the Coronavirus and the economic stress. With the current rate of infection and fatality, health experts warn that if safeguards are not taken to overturn the trend, things will get worse in December.

The CDC in a new study indicates that the actual rate of infection in the US is 8 times more than it has been reported. This chilling revelation is an indication that the virus could be ranging out of control. Experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci have called on Americans to do the right thing, especially during the Thanksgiving Holiday and Christmas before the vaccine is available for everyone.

Meanwhile, President-elect Biden in sharp contrast with the lame-duck President, Donald J Trump, has called on Americans to recommit to fight the virus, reminding Americans “we are at war with the virus, hang on.”  He urged Americans to resist giving in to the Virus.

President Trump in a tweet called on Americans to gather in families and churches to celebrate Thanksgiving. Experts have criticized the tweet as irresponsible at a time the pandemic was surging beyond control with record daily infections and deaths. About 180,830 new cases of infections were reported November 25, marking a +38% rise in the past 14 days. About 2313 died the same day, indicating a sharp +57% upward trend in death rate in the past 14 days.

According to the website, total Covid-19 infections in the United States stood at 13, 138,219 as of Wednesday, November 25 with 268,221 deaths recorded this far.