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Southern Cameroons: Self-defense Volunteers & Cameroun Gov’t Forces Trade Barbes over Black Magic, ‘No Pity’ Charms the Locals

By August 30, 2022No Comments
Clement Mbashie aka Foot Soldier No Pity has become the symbol of Southern Cameroon's liberation and a terror to the Cameroon government forces

Self-defence volunteers in parts of the Once Independent State of Southern Cameroons have warned forces of the government of Cameroun against spending money on witchcraft saying this would be a waste of resources.

A self-defence volunteer, who goes by the nickname Black Jesus had reportedly found information suggesting the head of the Gendarmerie in Nkor, one of the districts in Southern Cameroons was hiring different witchdoctors to starve off attacks against Paul Biya’s government.

Clad in military pants, which had not had the taste of cleaning detergent for the longest time, with a nauseating fragrance emanating from his body, Black Jesus sent a message, telling the Commander of the Gendarmerie Post in Nkor to stop using government roadblocks to extort money from citizens using transport infrastructure, to pay witchdoctors from the northern parts of Cameroun.

“Go tell the Commandant that I know what he has done, burying charms all over the place. If he cares he should import all the witch doctors from Nigeria, we shall still invade Nkor,” said Black Jesus.

A self-defence commander, Mbashie Clement, who goes by the name FM No Pity to disguise his identity for the protection of his family and friends made similar allegations of the government seeking the services of witch doctors.

Cameroon’s government forces are generally known to unleash terror on the local population

According to the fearless and dreaded FM No Pity the “colonial government of President Paul Biya” has been collecting money at illegal roadblocks in the Southern Cameroons a.k.a and using it to pay witch doctors from neighbouring Benin and Nigeria.

The government and the self-defence volunteers stand accused of mounting roadblocks in the area to collect money from citizens. Timescape Magazine can report that in parts of Nkor, there are three military checkpoints, with about two others mounted by the self-defence volunteers purportedly to hold the invaders in check.

A local driver, who plies the route between Bamenda, one of the main cities in Ambazonia and Nkor, tells Timescape Magazine that on Friday, August 26, 2022, passengers were compelled to move out of their vehicles into the rain to show identification papers at each of these checkpoints. 

Mbashie Clement aka No Pity has become famous for fighting against any form of brutality by self-defense volunteers on the local population

The driver, who preferred anonymity for fear of both the self-defence volunteers and government forces, however, says FM No Pity and his convoy arrived on that rainy Friday during an ongoing check on passengers and were angry with liberation soldiers for subjecting the population to what he described as on inhumane treatment, noting that they must not do it because the invading forces from Cameroun are doing it.

FM No Pity reportedly asked all the passengers to get back in their vehicles and then schooled the self-defence volunteers on the need to protect civilians and their property instead of treating them the same way the “colonial forces at Paul Biya’s command are doing”.   

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